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Steering column movement

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I have an 89 comanche with tilt steering and the shifter on the column. The steering wheel has alot of movement in it. I was told that you could pull the steering wheel and tighten up 3 screws to fix the problem but i want to double check before tearing it apart. It looks like the movement is right where the column tilts at. Anyone have any suggestions or had this same problem?

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You have to pull the column apart and tighten the four E8 (reverse torx) bolts deep in the column.

I did mine a few months ago, wasn't that bad just had to be patient and take my time. Need to buy or make a special tool to pull the two pivot pins. I made a make shift slide hammer with a piece of all thread and a 8-32 bolt IIRC.

I used a couple of write ups that were very useful, they had good pictures as well.






http://www.epiccomputer.com/dale/jeepju ... /tilt.html


That'll get you started.

Good luck

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yeah my friend and I did this awhile back.. Took about 3 hours to take apart and put back, but it was our first time doing it. And we didn't feel like taking the whole thing apart so we were able to get atleast 2-3 bolts and just tighten those up and it's much better now. No wobble no more.

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this may not be whats up for you but mine had a lot of movement too and when i checked there is 3 or 4 bolts on a bracket inside the cab that go through the firewall. --they were totally not there so i grabbed some lag bolts and put them through and this solved the problem in about 5 mins. ----- all good now!

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