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Wiper Issue

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Hey guys, I just replaced my 5 amp wiper relay circuit fuse and the wipers now work! However, I have no intermittent wipers or low speed, only high. Also, my wipers when I turn them off won't return to the bottom of the windshield they just stay wherever they were. I know this isnt normal so is there a relay that may be bad or is it the wiper motor? Thanks



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Check the intermittent wiper box velcroed to the inside lower dash panel. Unplug both ends and plug the ends into each other. Your wipers should work at slow and high speed. These boxes are easy to come by at junkyards so I would get a couple spares or see if any members have one that they can sell cheap.

The bushings on the wiper motor assembly tend to wear out and can be replaced fairly easily. Look through DIY section for wiper motor replacement and one for wiper bushings replacement. Both posts are very good at walking you through the job. That will solve your lazy wiper issue.

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