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3" suspension lift

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I have started the process of looking for a mid-line lift kit. I have pretty much decided on the Hell Creek 3" lift, but does the kit include everything I will need, or will I have to change out brake lines, control arms etc.? Thanks a ton for the help. :wrench:

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For a decent and complete 3" kit youll need the following...



AAL + Shackles/ or new packs


New Trackbar or drop bracket

95 Dakota rear brake line

New swaybar links or disconnects


You can get most all of that from Hell Creek :thumbsup:


Where can I get the brake lines from?

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sorry for the :hijack: ...but rough country has a 3" kit with coil springs, AAL, and shocks all the way around. how bad would it be to run that without the rest of the stuff youve listed?


I have a 3" lift and thats all i used. It came with a braket to relocate the rear brake line so the original would work. I also drilled the mounting bracket to relocate the track bar. The sway bar links and the LCA's worked fine and I had the front end aligned and everything came out good.

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