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a couple questions

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any one know the factory wheel base measurements for long and short beds? i need to find out if my parts truck is a long bed or not, i got 113in from center of hub to center of hub for my 87 short bed. also how do i tell what options it had factory from the vin number(ie metric ton package)

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SWB = 113


LWB= 120


1986 models w/metric ton where AMC20's all other years where D44's.


D44 In a MJ:


Image Not Found

Image Not Found


D35 in a MJ:



AMC 20 in a MJ:


Cannot find the pic I hijacked from Pete...maybe he can throw one up for you to see....



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Corect but it still could have a 44 as we have found out over the last few months there are more the a couple I know of thats had them. CHeck those pics in the link I posted and see what you got. Also The guy in need of a bed is interested since it is a SWB. Ill pm him or you can he posted in the classifieds in that thread I started about it.



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naw, the frames fine,. it's just everything that wasn't painted.


most everything up this way looks like that underneath.

People in the rust belt love 3 things:

PB Blaster


Air Tools


They're needed for most everything that goes on under my truck, and everything get's put back together with neverseize.

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