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hey guys, i need some help


when i turn on my head lights my passenger side turn signal stays lit, and my left turn signal light in my dash stays lit


what the hell causes this? i have no idea where the check my wiring, and i just finished replacing every damn bulb in the stupid thing


i have to take it for a safety on friday morning and it will fail cuz of this




i am still ushing a lot of condinsation out of my tail pipe

i am getting a new o2 sensor tomorrow


i have a small exhaust link, but i don't think thats whats causing it. any ideas? the etest is at the same time as the safety...lol


starting to get nervous, don't want to waste my 130 bucks

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I have found, that, my jeep's socket on the RS turn signal was suspect. your issue may be due to a bad/broken ground or not making contact with the light bulb. check for ground issue first then see if the light bulb is making contact. a plus for you would be if you have any eletronic techy friends that have some tools that help isolating this issues. :brows:

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Definately the sockets, had that problem on both of mine. You can get a junky Ford plastic one at most parts stores that will work. The best replacement I've found is the metal ones off a donor XJ at the pull a part. The grounds inside the sockets is the culprit.

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