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Jo's MJ project


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Finally I got my own garage :D


Had some time of from work during Xmas and off course i spend some of it working on my MJ. At the moment i suffer from lack of tools and equipment, so i didnt thet that much done..... It was a long days job just to clean out the garage! But i got the engine ready for removal and i removed both seats and generally took a closer look of the entire veicle.


I will try to take some pictures and post theme here, please tell me if i do something absolutely wrong cause I'm a total novise about jeeps!!




Taken just 5minutes after i bought it



Trash from the garage, i didn dare to load it with more. not much clearance left around the 33"s...



Still much left and the junkjard is closing in minuttes :mad: Think i take the rest later..






The uglyest engine ive ever owned!



Niiiiiice.... 3xrotaing warning lights. 2xforward hi-beams. rear driving+brake lights and 2xworking/backing lights.



Homemade fenders by PO. I want buswackers!!!


My plans at the moment are: new engine, fenders, lift-kit (3"skyjacker are on its way..) a locker and maaaaybe if time and money agree, some paint and rustwork. But my plans may change every week :roll:


More pics to come, just have to get rid of this nasty fever :( Wish me luck with my project

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hes in norway...so it might be.


Eeeeeehhhh..... don't THINK SO!!!! But i like it so much i don't care removing it. won't get a fine anyway if they stop me, just have to show them the car within 14 days without the lightbar or they take my licenseplate. Then i put it back on the car :D

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Bought my self a crash-okee today to pick parts from :D



It has rolled and crashed quite heavy, but the engine has survived. It only need new radiator and fans. It started at the first try and i backed off the trailer without any problems :bowdown:


Guess who is looking forward to get that machine in is MJ???

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:hateputers: What happend to my pictures?? :mad:


Pulled out everything i needed from the donor XJ this weekend. Some of you said it could be done in a couple of hours...me and my cousin used about 25-30 hours!!! But it was worth it, now i have a complete engine/tranny/transfer standing on a pallet, an extra front axle, a rear d35track-lock, all the wiring (i hope) 4brand new 30 * 9,5 studless winterrubbers on rims, every bolt and bracket needed to do the swap and a lot of other niiiiice stuff :D The remainings of the car i store temporary at my parents farm, nice to have it around if I'm missing something.

Hehe i just loved the feeling when i smashed the john deeres forklifter into the sidewindow and liftet it down from the trailer! (yes i am a little bit destrucktive...think i must run over it a couple of times when I'm all finished with it)


Question: what rearaxle should i use? the stock amc20 or the dana35 from the XJ?? I guess the I6auto needs different gearing than the 2.8man thats in it right now? and i would like to have the track-lock...don't know how good it works but it must be better than open diff?

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Use the AMC20 rear axle. It is miles (or kilometers, since we're measuring strength with distance for some reason) stronger than the horrible horrible D35. The gearing in the AMC20 (likely 4.10) will be better with the 4.0 than the stock offering of 3.55.




Sell the D35 to some smuck that blew theirs up.

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Little has been done for the last six months (too much to do at work) but finaly i got the 4.0 mounted up where its supposed to be. I also gave the entire enginebay a little paintjob while it was empty. Just a "couple" :roll: of wires and hoses to connect and i should be able to crank it up.



Looks like there won't be any long days at work in the nearby future so maaaybe it will be up and running within a few months :D


Sell the D35 to some smuck that blew theirs up.
Previous owner of the donor XJ bought it back...
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