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fusible link repair

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I look in my junk box, storage bin and see what I have. If I have a identical fuseable link I use it. If I don't have a FL and I have a inline fuse holder, I use it. If I don't have either one I go the auto emporium and get FL repair kit.

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Don't have any pictures but the fuse links are located by the starter solenoid near the battery.


My symptom was the motor would start, shut down when the key was released.


I was at wits end till I started examining wires closely (everywhere) when I looked at the fused links they looked OK.


When I started to gently pull on them most were OK then I found the culprit, it looked like an intact wire but gave way


like a rubber band. Replaced the link, problem solved. 2 days of searching, 2 minutes of fixing.


oh well, learned something new again.

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I found my problem using an ohmmeter. The fusible links did not show any damage. Wiggle them, like Cheyenne said, they will fall apart if melted. After studying the wiring diagram that was the next thing for me to check. I was not getting power to part of the fuse block. The power comes into the fuse panel from those wires on the stater relay.

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