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Same MJ


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When i first started looking for a comanche i went and looked at a 6cyl 5 speed short bed 2 wheel drive. The interior was in great shape but the previous owner made some changes. They cut the jeep out of the tailgate and put louvers in it. Put a hood scoop which isnt functional and a windshield visor on it, iv never seen one from the factory but by the install it looks like someone installed it afterwards. The rear bumper was removed and a roll pan installed. To top it off someone had etched in to the glass a locomotive train :nuts:. It run good but had an overheating issue, it was clear water had boiled out of the over flow tank. Because i noticed that after test driving it i left it running and sure enough the temp climbed well above 210. It had been repainted from its original red and was a fading powdery blue. The guy was asking 1k with out the igniton switch fixed or 1200 with it fixed. I offered him 700 he didnt take and at the time was kinda glad he didnt take my offer, now knowing what i do if he had taken 700 i think i wouldnt have been to bad off but am still happy with the one i got.


Yesterday my friend calls and ask me to go look at one that was paint camo. Turns out where the comanche was located was not 2 miles from my place. He picks me up to go look at it and thats when he shows me the craigslist ad. You have got to be kidding me its the same MJ i looked at 3 months ago just painted camo. Since it was close we went and looked at it anyway, no denying it was the same one. He says its an eliminator which the first guy made no mention of so i took down the vin to check it out and add the mj to the registry. The guy is now asking 1800 for it.


I just deleted the picture i took of it the first time not more then a week ago. I went ahead and took a picture of this time and will post it in a few. This jeep is not a bad comanche just needs a little love, the body seemed to be rust free and not to many flaws. The biggest turn offs for me was the tailgate, the roll pan, the back window, and the overheating. When i first looked at it i had planned to put a new hood on it and remove the windshielf visor, i did not realise the tailgate and window before i went and looked at it. It would be great to see it get in the hands of a cc member and fix her up properly.


here's a link to the craigslist ad



Also does anyone know how to check what trim package the comanche came with i have the vin if you know how to check it.

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Did they actually cut louvers into a halfway decent tailgate???


Tailgate was pretty decent, when i first saw it, and i was interested in buying it i was really dissapointed. One of the biggest things i like about the comanche is the jeep in the tailgate being a jeep guy.

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