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86 2wd 2.8l LB in southern Wisconsin im asking $700


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its an 86 2.8l v6 2wd

it has a 5 speed long bed with black interrior. if you would like any more information let me know. it runs great and is very reliable.


i will tell you the bad ahead of time so you are not suprized.


it is rusty but still can be salvaged.

there is an exhaust leak between the pipe and the manifold on the left hand side.

it leaks oil out of the valve cover gaskets.

it has air conditioning but no belt. i do not know if it would work if

there were a belt.

over half a tank of gas the tank leaks.

the front bumper is dented.



the great thing is i have alot of parts that will make the problems go away.


i have valve cover gaskets. a new gas tank and a brand new bumper.

everything just needs to be installed.

i also have a steel toolbox and a truck cap for it.

if you would like to know more let me know. i can also get some pictures

for you if you would like. feel free to call me at 920-723-2992


hope to hear from you



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I'd like to get that one myself. I thought VIN'S started with 000001.


Not always Jim. Keep in mind that the XJ rolled down the same line as the MJ and the VINs ran in sequence with them too. The first few hundred trucks were destined to be "crusher" trucks as well. They would be used as pilot, test, and demo vehicles and would never be sold to the public. I know for a fact that my 86, Betty, was put into service on October 10, 1985. They don't get much earlier than that.


I have also heard that even though the VINs are sequential, it does not mean they rolled down the line that way. From what I was told they VINs were stamped and as the truck was built to the VIN and fender tag they were them applied upon assembly.


Sadly, ChryoCo has cleared all of this trucks info from the system and we will never know when it was sold or put into service. I would love to know the build date of both this truck and mine. The information is just not out there.


If I had the means to buy this truck it would have been sold the minute Rob PMed me about the VIN being earlier than mine.


EDIT: My truck was built 9/85

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Just wondering if this is still available. And if so, how about a pic or two of drivers' side. Does front end have the wobble at 50+?? I'd be driving it to Rockford... will it make it?? Anything else, plese advise.





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