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Question on axle swap.

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I have a C8.25 that I want to swap in my MJ in place of the D35. I already cut the perches off, can I reuse them or do I NEED new ones? I took my time getting them off and they are in good shape.

Also how do I know where to weld the perches on? I don't have a welder so I have to bring it to the shop but I have to mark where they need to be. I am keeping it SUA but I will be building a bastard pack for about 2" lift.

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You Can re-use your old ones but New ones From MOPAR are Like $10.00 for a new Pair...


As for the placement you should install the axle in the truck and then center the axle and set the Pinion angle then once your happy and you should have measured Pinion Angle on your stock D35 before removing it but it is fairly easy to set then tighten up the U-bolts and re-measure everything again to be sure the pinion angle is right and the axle is centered then tow it to the shop or get a welder to come to you and weld it up...


Good Luck

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