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Anyone familiar with alloy wheel repair?

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I picked up a set of Ecco wheels for the MJ because I like them. The rims on it now are 16x7 and will not work with the 32x9.5x15 TSL's I have for the truck. Making the big mistake of buying from craigslist while in a hurry I did not check the rims as well as I should have. While unloading them when I got home I discovered that the inner bead lip on one rim was broken. (Of course the seller told me to f. off when I called him within minutes of getting the rims -karma will get him :brows: )

Here is the damage:



Does this look repairable and does anyone have a SWAG as to what something like that costs? Finding another single rim is proving to be difficult. The set I bought has grey centers and apparently they came with a more common silver center as well.


Here is a crappy cell pic of an actual rim:

and one internet snag:

Image Not Found

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There are a couple wheel repair/refinishing places here in Columbus, they charge $75 and up per wheel. It doesn't look like damage that really needs repair as it isn't really the bead, just the outer lip.


Any welder should be able to build up a bead on it, then you can grind it down pretty easily being aluminum.


Those are the best looking factory Jeep wheels in my opinion.

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$75/rim seems to be a fairly common price for repairing alloy rims. Yes, it can be fixed, by TIG welding. If you know someone who can do aluminum TIG welds, you can gave them built up the missing metal and then carfully file it down to the correct profile by hand, then clearcoat it with a rattle can.


Or you can just take a file and smooth down the roughness, and use it as-is.

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