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Body men plz help

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Well thinks to me being a dumb @$$ i smashed in part of the cab corner in and part of he bed with a tree today. It's night now and this is a cell phone pic but it's all I got. Any thoughts would be nice thank u!





Btw I'll get better pics up tomarrow

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better pics will definitely help, but i can't see any kinks. usually the bigger dents come out much easier because theyre spread out more and it tends to be more of a gradual bend in the metal rather than a sharp kink. it should knock out pretty easy but youll have to work with the body lines a lil bit

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Boy you did a number on her! Did the Natty Ice have anything to do with it? I doubt you have the tools or skills to fix it right, so I'd just say strip the interior from the cabcorner area, and see how much you can beat it out from the inside. Hopefully you can move it enough to get the door to line back up! I've made more than a few Jeeps look like that! Trail damage is part of the game if you are gonna wheel em!

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