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Factory Clock?

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I've seen a few threads on the forum with people that have their factory clocks in the trucks running, and was just wondering on a few things.

Since I'm attempting to make the truck as factory as possible, I just wanted to know if I can get a clock to install, where would the connector plug into? (I am assuming that it would plug into the tangled mess of wires where the radio slides into, as that would seem the most logical, but I could be wrong... :hmm: )


Just for reference, I have a few pics of factory clocks that btm24 is trying to sell http://www.comancheclub.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=30731 and was wondering if any of these would fit my '87. And if any of them don't fit, what should I look out for if I try and nab one one of these days.



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I was gonna say, they changed the connector between 86 and 87, but looks like you figured it out. I found out the hard way, so now my truck has both style connectors spliced together. The connector you need in the dash will be buried behind the cluster. You might need to pull the cluster out to find it.

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Although the plastic connectors (at least the black and white ones, don't think this applies to the blue) are slightly different shapes and not interchangeable between years, the metals pins they used on the ends of the wires are. I upgraded my '88MJ with a clock out of a '92XJ Briarwood. I carefully removed the pins from the connectors on both clocks and then installed the black connector to my '92XJ clock so then it became plug and play.

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