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Picture ID questions

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So, I have an AX15 behind the 2.5, but apparently it was an auto before. So the tranny cooler lines are still here, as well as what looks like a speedo gear. Is that what I'm looking at?



Secondly, the two prongs off the side of the transmission housing.. do they serve a purpose?



Random wire coming from the harness under the alternator..



And finally, a random connector from the harness on the passenger side.



Ideas? Questions? Death threats?



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I'm no help with the various gizmos, but that should be an AX-5 trans. :thumbsup: the AX-15 is the bigger brother found behind the 4.0L. Unless the previous owner did the dakota bellhousing swap too (which adapts the ax15 pattern to the 2.5 pattern).

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The orange wire under the alternator is for the AC compressor clutch.... even though you may not have AC. It is there in case AC got added later, and the rest of the AC harness was added in. Its not hot or anything, just THERE. The two prongs on the trans are probably for the reverse lights, check to see if yours work. I'm not sure about the other connector, or the possible speedo cable... sorry. But I am sure that if you do enough looking around your truck, especially under the dash, youll find a whole bunch of unused connectors just hanging out. The factory used the same harnesses for several option packages, so there are wires in your truck for stuff you don't have, like a factory clock... the connector is there, and there is even a fuse in the fuse box for it, even though you probably don't have a clock. Same goes for courtesy lights under the dash when the doors get opened, the connectors are there, we just don't have the lights. There are several examples of this, just don't worry too much about it.

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