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Got a replacement AC line made today:

Sir Sam

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So this is more for information for others, really it should go in my WJ build thread, but whatever.


So I was tracking down an AC leak when I determined that the AC line pressure hose from the accumulator to the compressor had several pinhole leaks that were leaking pretty bad. The cheapest new hose(which was readily available from my Jeep dealer where I have my business account still) would have been about $83 and I would have had to make a drive to denver to get it(3 hour roundtrip plus the better part of a tank of gas). Local dealers in my town wanted like $120 for the line, and there are no aftermarket lines made.


Napa makes AC lines and hydraulic hoses, but does not have the bolt down fittings that our newer hoses use, and they didn't have anything else that would help, I checked with parker supply who does lots of hoses and hydraulic fittings, they had a 5/8 compression fitting that could have worked, but at $55 for the two fittings and some new hose I decided it wasn't worth the risk it would leak(the aluminum AC line is slightly smaller than 5/8, and it not a smooth mating surface and can be out of round too).


Went and tracked down a third shop, guy knew what needed to be done and had the parts, cut off the old crimped fittings put new ones on and replaced the rubber hose, total cost $35 :mrgreen:


Got it in and recharged the system, now I wait to see if it leaks down!


Old leaky hose:



New non-leaky hose:



Man its always nice to find a shop that knows what they are doing, can get it done right away, and charges a reasonible rate, when you find those shops you gotta keep em open by sending them what business you can.

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dang I need to fix my AC, 100+ today :fs1:


Do it. I don't know how anyone survives driving a vehicle without AC in the summer, I don't have AC in my house so I have to have AC in my vehicle so I don't sweat my @$$ off driving around town.

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It almost feels like a surreal experience when dealing with somebody who know what they are doing.


Yup, and to top it off they weren't even surly. I don't know how many times you go into a hole in the wall place or someplace like a industrial supply(welder store, hydraulics store etc) and they are just the surliest bunch of guys that act they like are doing you a favor by selling you something.


Very pleasant experience. Oh and the name of the place was fort collins radiator shop. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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