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Guage swap...???

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Our MJ has the base guages in it with the big dumb looking gas guage and speedo. Is proper wiring in there and is it as simple as just putting the nicer cluster in it, or is there a wiring harness change needed as well?? I noticed when I was putting in a new headlight switch the other day that the wiring was there for the switches that are not used, so I thought that maybe it would be there for the upgraded cluster as well... {crossing fingers}

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OK...I have found out that it can be done, but it will require a cluster from an '88-'90 XJ/MJ and only minor wiring issues to work as well as just changing a couple sensors to guage type instead of idiot light type. This is the info that I received on another site, but from a guy that is a member here as well. It's good stuff so I thought I would share...


You can look for one from an XJ just make sure it has a speedo cable and is from one that has the same engine ( 4.0 ) 88-90 year .


then you have to put in the oil and temp senders for the gauges ( they just swap in place of the old Idiot light ones ).


The only other thing you need to do, ( if memory serves correct ) is to swap one wire on the gauge plug in ( harness plug in the dash ) to make the fuel gauge work .

the gauge wire location is a space off on the big gauge so you have to move the wire in the connector to a diffrent spot .

then you'll be good to go.

the tach and volt gauge are allready pre set so no wire changes needed for them


Anyone else have any other info to add from experience or research?

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If you're getting a compatible cluster there shouldn’t be any other wiring requirement for the fuel gauge. There are two ribbon connectors that plug into the back of the cluster that take care of everything. You might have to move the bulbs around in the "message center" to match your configuration however.

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I appreciate all the input. Keep it coming if you have any more. I am going to the "Used Auto Parts" yard this morning to get a set of bucket seats with all brackets out of an MJ to get rid of the bench seat, so I will do a little looking while I am there to see if I can get what I need. :D

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Hmm, I could have sworn some folks where having to move a wire when swapping from the big gas gauge cluster to the smaller full gauge set?.

I read it here many moons ago :dunno: .


maybe it was to make the low fuel light work?


Ah well if it works sweet :D If not it,s an easy fix :brows: :D

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