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Fender flares

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They have sheet metal reinforcing strips behind them, with studs welded on them. I think its a 3/8 socket thats required to take the nuts off, or twist off the studs, which is normal. there's a short stiffener strip on the top of the front wheel wells, you can bust it off, or put a 1/4 x 1/2 bollt in to re-attach it.I think those studs hold the inner fender panel on too, so if you want to keep them, you need to do something to hold that in too.

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After breaking a bunch of those "dayem" studs, I've learned the following helpful techniques:


1) wire brush the exposed stud threads

2) chase those threads with a spare nut (or a die), while holding the installed nut

3) liberal application of PB Blaster

4) very careful application of heat (fine flame) while shielding the plastic closeout

5) work the nut very slowly, in small increments


Still may break some, but can weld new studs to the retainer strips if yo do.


Grease them for the next time.

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