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Flaring an OEM brake line?

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Alrighty well my 90 Eliminator had sprung a pinhole leak in the 1 rear brake line. In my attempt at removing the bad line i managed to have to remove the entire plumbing in and around the rear prop. valve. alright well replacing all the rear lines around the valve is easy, however the fitting from the main rear line snapped off, and now has left me with a line that needs a new fitting and flared.


The question now is, with the strange "ribbed" design of the rear lines is it even possible to flare those? Or am i stuck running a new line from the Mst. Cyl. to the rear of the truck?


Also since I'm going that far is it 2 my advantage to just do away with the Prop. valve, this truck will not be doing any "heavy haul" chores in its future and all the rear lines are currently outta it anyway..... :wrench:


Thanks for any help! :cheers:

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Are you talking about the wire wrapped line? You can just unwind the wire and remove enough to re-flare it, But I would replace it. If PA is anything like Iowa. the rust never sleeps. I usually buy brake tubing in 25 ft. rolls. You can buy the fittings separate, and you may have to re-use some of the wierd ones. I got rid of the rear valve, and it seems to brake real even.

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