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ive been keepin an eye out for AMC jeep key blanks... i see plenty of chrysler ones... but my origionals are AMC.. and i want AMC keys.


Me too!! i don't have the door lock, and i only have ONE ignition key...so i can't lose it, but i want an AMC key goddamnit!

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I am not getting anything yet cause I don't know if it will go to good with my Od green paint sceme




well then I'm gonna try for that first badge.


and i say get the AMC one. it would look good on any truck. and if it is the one like i have then it really is not all that big and could go on your dash or something. or if you wanted i could get you a measurement of the one i have and if you want it you could have it since my mj is no longer amc so i don't really want to use it now.



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