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So until I get my Comanche officially on the road, Ive been driving a few volvos around. I got a 2 for the price of one deal. Both 87 740 GLEs, the ones an auto and my volvo guy said I need a fuel management computer .... or some other box located under the steering wheel. Anyone do volvos? .... Ive seen Oizarod115 avatar.


This is one that my guy thinks the fuel computer kicked the bucket 87, 740 GLE, non-turbo, auto

I towed my MJ trailer project frame home with it, worked like a champ.

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I love me some 80s Volvos. Had 3 240 in the past. 86 245, 89 244, and a 90 245. Super easy cars to work on and built like tanks.


Most of the parts I used for repairs I sourced from salvage yards since older Volvos are plentiful in that regard, but when I can't find something I get in touch with http://www.ipdusa.com/. Besides, they're very knowledgable really know their stuff.

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