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98 conversion but i need a 98 wiring FSM.... please help

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So today i aquired a 98 xj sport that was in a front end colision jamminz.gif . I bought it to convert the rest of my comanche to the 98 dash wiring and doors :clapping: . I picked it up for 800 dollars and it allready has a 4 1/2 lift and 33 the truck is a little bit dirty but i can clean it all up for the swap. Apon picking the xj up i was told by the kid that a drunk driver hit him (but i think that the drunk was behind the wheel and the rock wall was a victom in this case) but the front driverside is smashed, not bad as in i could replace the header pannel, and drivers fender and youd never tell it was wrecked its realy not that bad, however the airbags did deploy. he also told me that since the wreck the jeep won't start. I put it on the trailor and off i went. When i got home i put a new battery in it and tried to turn the key but all i got was a wire that decided to ground out coming from the ignition switch and burn up the wire. It dident eaven try to turn over or anything nither did the miles want to pop up on the gage cluster. I investigated the burnt wire and it seems to be a ground of some sort (black wire) it only burned for a few inches and luckily it dident butn any of the other wires. now i know that i am going to have to replace the wire and find out where it is shorting out before i go any further but i need a 98 xj FSM mainly for the wiring schematics, can any one help me out? now my next question is if the airbags deploy will that cut power to the rest of the truck or mainly how does the airbag system relate to the rest of the wiring? I'm going to go out there tomorow and pull the air bags out and find the sensor that set of the bags and see if i can get the system disconected to see if that helps my situation any, and try and breake down the wiring harness and sodet a new wire back in place of the burnt up one..... any help is greatly apreciated as allways.

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