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Help removing fuel injector wiring clips

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I am replacing some leaking injectors on my 88' Comanche 4.0L and am not sure how to remove those tiny little metal clips that hold the plastic wiring connector on the injector. They look easy to lose or break so I would like to get some advise on which tool works best and which direction to pry before I try removing them.

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Thanks everyone, I was able to get them removed using a dental pick I picked up at the local drug store. The way the pick is curved at the end and very sharp made it actually quite easy to insert it between the clip and plastic connector then twist the pick so it pulled the clip out the side a little. Then I just pushed that side of the clip forward some ( towards the engine ) and the connector pulled right off. Less than 5 minutes for all of them. Once the connector was unplugged I sprang the clips back into place on the connector to hold them so I don't lose them.


BTW, the injectors I am installing I purchased used on ebay for $43 and are part numbers F4SE-A1B, 0280155700. These are the Ford Bosch Yellow Design III 19lb injectors and should work just fine. I'll let you know.

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