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Cleaning out the garage (NJ)


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Just trying to get my space back from previous projects so I can have some stretching room for my current Comanche project. I'm sure I have more parts hiding in there but here's a good majority of them. All parts fit '84-'96 Cherokees and Comanches unless otherwise noted.


All parts are located at Wrightstown, NJ. I'm willing to ship anything but it'll be on your dime.



-2dr Cherokee gray interior trim...various prices

-4dr Cherokee full power door panels (have 2 sets)...$70 a set or $20 a piece

-Gray front 4dr retractable seat belts (no female ends)...$40 for the pair

-Gray rear seat belt set (all 5 pieces, 2 sets)...$40, $45 with all the mounting bolts

-Gray front 2dr seat belt set (all four pieces and bottom rails from retractable ends)...$60

-Gray sunvisors (have 2 sets)...offer

-91-95 full gauge speedometer (high mileage but can swap your odometer over to keep correct mileage)...$40

-Cigarette lighter with bracket...$5 for non-lighted, $8 for lighted

-Misc dash parts...offer

-Gray Cherokee gray rear seats (have two sets)...$40 a set

-Gray overhead console, brackets and wiring (older style, pre '96 I believe the cutoff is, carpet needs to be glued back on and one door latch broken)...$20

-Gray headliner fabric (brand new)...$40



-Smokers vent windows for the front doors (they open)...$75 for the set

-Front door movable windows...$25 a side or $40 for both

-Passenger side rear door movable window...$25

-Passenger side rear door stationary window...$20

-Power window regulators...$30 per door (have both front door regulators pulled and tested)

-Power window motors...$20 per door (have only the passenger side front so far pulled and tested)

-Door handles...$5 a piece

-Door latches...$5 a piece

-4dr complete dew wipes weatherstripping set (new)...$90



-White hatch frame in good condition...$10

-Rear hatch wiper assembly, worked perfect when the hatch was removed...$40

-Hatch struts (1 set left)...$15

-Black hatch (defroster with wiper delete) wires were disconnected, not cut,...$70

-4dr White rear doors, power windows and locks (windows were a bit slow but the actuators and all that worked when removed about a year ago, have been drilled for aftermarket flares)...$50 for both

-Wiper transmission (piece that connects the motor to the wiper arms) with motor attached...$40

-Wiper arms, some with blades...$5 per arm, $8 with blade

-Misc weatherstripping (rear doors, hatch)...offer

-'84-'95 (maybe '96 also) tail lights...$40



-Dana 35 rear non c-clip axles, could use new studs (can install for the price of the studs)...$50 for both or $30 each

-Dana 35 10" rear brake backing plates with brakes (could use new brakes but these stopped fine when removed)...$20 for both or $10 each

-Dana 35 9" passenger brake backing plate...$10

-Blown 21 spline AW4, good for sensors (1st gear had power from 1500-2500 and 2nd has power from 1500-2000, every other gear worked when removed, no tail shaft housing.)...$50 obo

-2.8L V6 engine, no carb or wires (has a bunch of new parts but sounds like a bad lifter or something)...offer

-2.8L V6 carb (top end rebuilt and have gaskets for the bottom if you choose to rebuild, carb ran fine before the engine was pulled)...$75

-2.8L V6 spark plugs and wires (maybe 75 miles on them, at most, before the engine was pulled)...$20

-2.8L V6 various other parts (air cleaner, coil, etc)...offer

-Stock Cherokee rear driveshaft for 4.0L with AX-15 and NP231...$40

-Misc Dana 30 parts (rotors, pads, calipers, stock covers, steering, etc...)...offer

-AW4 shifter with both cables still attached...$40

-NP231 shifters and factory linkages...$25

-NP207 transfer case (worked perfect when removed)...$75

-Pedal assemblies (gas from AX-15 and brake and gas from AW4) ...$20 for AX15 gas and $40 for AW4 setup

-Stock front springs (2 sets)...$20 a set

-Stock upper control arms...$20 a set


Engine (4.0L)

-'87-'90 Renix 4.0L ECU made by Bendix (either EF8953005428 or S101140203A is the number, both numbers are on the tag)...$40

-(3) Mechanical Fans (2 w/ clutches)...$20 w/o clutch, $30 w/ clutch

-(1) Crank Pulley...Offer

-(4) Thermostat Housings (2 Renix, 2 HO)...$5 each

-(2) Alternators (Renix)...$50 each

-(1) A/C Compressor (Renix)...$75

-(4) Starters...$30 each

-(1) Valve Cover (Renix) - Might have a second one kicking around still for the HO...$30

-(2) Transmission Mounts...Offer

-(2) Engine Mounts...Offer

-(2) Serpentine Belts...$15

-(3) Distributors...$40 each

-(2) Power Steering Pumps...$40 each

-(1) Intake Manifold (Renix - Complete with throttle body and fuel rail)...$75

-(2) Exhaust Manifolds (1 Renix, 1 HO)...$50 each

-(1) Flex Plate (Renix)...Offer

-(2) Blower Motors (includes fan blades)...$20 each

-(4) Ignition Coils (2 Renix - one has the module attached, 2 HO)...$30 per coil, $50 for module

-(1) Clutch Master w/line (AX15 - HO)...Offer

-(4) Coolant Bottles (2 Renix, 2 HO)...$15 each

-Various other accessory brackets

-Also have a 4.0L removed (from what I was told) from a '93 ZJ, the head was taken off (is included) but the block is still complete. I can cross reference the numbers once I dig it out to double check on the year.

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Do you have the black trim piece that goes from the driver side to the midle and around the a/c control / radio? Pics? Thanks


I'm pretty sure I have a spare one kicking around, I'll check in the morning to see if I can find it and snap a picture of it.

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any fuse boxes or wiring harnesses laying around for 89 MJ 2wd 4.0 5 speed?


I might have a fuse box from my old '90 XJ but that had the AW4 (not sure if there was a difference in the fuse boxes but it did have the 4.0L). I'll check to see if I can find that one in the morning.

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Sold one set of vent windows and the vent window weatherstripping. Still have another set of the windows that didn't leak.


Also have a few internal door parts:

'86-'95 Drivers side front window glass

'86-'95 Passenger side front window glass

(2) Door lock actuators, both test out

Power window regulators for both sides (both work)

Drivers side power window motor

Drivers and Passenger outside door handles

Door striker and catch

Internal rods for the door locks

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Mech. Fan shroud and or factory license plate brackets?


You talking about the front license plate bracket? If so, I think I have one kicking around. I'm not sure about the mech fan shroud but I'll look around to see if I by chance have one.

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