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What am I in to? I just wanted a Yard Truck!

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Hello Comanche World,

I'm new and hope I'm putting this in the correct forum topic...


What have I got myself into? I started of thinking a Comanche would be a great inexpensive yard/wood hauling truck. Now I've got the Comanche bug and am eying a

'91 LWB 4x4 HO Dana44 Auto 2"lift w/ apprx 200K miles asking $3500.

These must have entered the collector market since they're asking way over the Blue Book price.


The body is generally straight with left rear bumper mark and a slight crease in the outside bed panel behind the R rear wheel. I haven't seen it in person yet, so I have yet to check for floor rust under the carpet and in the rear wheel wells, but the pics look very attractive.


I'm a Jeep virgin and am about to "lose it" to a Comanche. Any advice is welcome. What would something like I described go for?


Glad I found you guys/gals,


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Well, a 4x4 with a D44 and the HO motor is a pretty good truck to have, but for 200k+ miles, $3500 sounds high in my neighborhood. Rust will be the kicker - if it's totally rust-free, it may be worth it. If you'll have to deal with rust, I'd pass. You can install a D44 much more easily than cutting out rusty floors and putting in new ones. But if it's going to be a yard truck that doesn't get driven much, you probably could get by with a $1500 example and not be too sad if it gets beat on a little.

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These trucks are fairly rare, but theyre not really collectable, due to the number of XJ's out there. There are varying ways to look up the price for one. KBB might give you one number, but if you look at a classic car price guide, it will be way higher. I think when I looked up my 87 2wd 2.5 short bed, it came back at like $7500 or so.... which is way over what the real market will bear. I agree about $3500 being good if its a rust free truck, but I don't think it would worth any MORE than that. Its too easy (relatively speaking) to find a good rust free truck, especially in the south for much much cheaper than that. If you can afford it and its what you want, then go for it, but if its just going to be a yard beater, find something else.

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