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Comanche bed/rear frame as a trailer??


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Now i know someone on here has built and used the backhalf of a comanche as a trailer. I have searched and searched but cannot find it.


I'm getting a 90 MJ pioneer from my buddy that he is swapping all the suspension and motor into his new SWB 92. So i get all the old parts off the 92 and the 90 as a rolling chassis but the 90's front end near the steering box is bent so its getting cut up.


Any info and the link to who did it would be appreciated!!!!!

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what would you like to know?


to start... i no longer have the trailer. the guy that was welding it up for me stopped by while i was working and scabbed it together. i wanted the wedge cuts plated and the ball coupler tied in good, got home and found it looking very lick-n-stick lookn, picked up the tongue and through it at the ground w\load and was impressed. the receiver basket did alot. took it to the dump to offload,pulled great, i had intended to button it up but it didnt seem to need it. used it to picup an mj shell from the next town over, no problems, comfortable pull.

spent the next winter hauling 1 ton-o-gravel at a time every other week, and making dump runs.

the gravel runs were a bit scary, due to my truck being tall and the trailer not, the bumper would drag over speed bumps n such. but the structure never gave me a worry.

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