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snap on hand tools


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I have some snap on hand tools I would like to get ride of to fund some of the MJ projects. All item prices do not include shipping but shipping should not be over $6 for any thing. So here we go:


11pc Snap on Semi Deep standerd 3/8" Drive socet set with rail $40 plus shipping: SOLD

snap-on-12pc-6pt-semi-deep-metric-3-8-drive-socket-set_180627213676.jpg SOLD


12pc Snap on 3/8" Drive Metric 8-19 Shallow Socket Set with rail $50 plus shipping: SOLD 4940871b87526a6347c9563736185ddd.jpg


1 Newer 3/8 Snap on ratchet $30 plus shipping: SOLD



15pc 3/8 Dive Impact Deep Metric Socket Set $240 plus shipping:


7pc Snap on Metric Allen Socket Driver Set $30 plus shipping: SOLD



If you have any questions feel free to ask. Thanks



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i will take the allen sockets and the semi deep sockets. How much to ship to 07422


I'm sorry but for now there is a sale pending on the two chrome sockets and allen sockets. You will be 2nd on my list if it fall though tho :thumbsup:


When I graduated UTI, they give you abunch of free snap-on tools... But I'm thinking about taking thos impacts off your hands.. waiting for paycheck. :ack:


WOW free tools! lucky! When do you get your paycheck? I may beable to work with you on the time thing...



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