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Here is my 87 MJ project that I finshed a couple years ago..

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Thanks for the kind words guys. Here is a little bit about the truck: My Father bought the truck new in 87 as a 2wd, it was passed down to me after 13 years and 187,000 miles. I've pretty much done everything to it over the years. Rebuilt the stock 4.0 after about 215,000 miles, it still ran fine but it leaked oil out of every spot possible. I converted it to 4wd about the time I re did the body, and rebuilt the 5 speed transmission. It runs and drives great, but unfortunately it doesn't get a lot of miles these days. Hobbies change and then suddenly the Comanche just isn't a big enough truck to pull what needs pulled, but I keep it around for the thrill of driving it! comanche.gif Anything else I didn't cover, just ask!

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