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Hello im new ( now with pics )


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Just like to say hello to everyone and introduce myself.


I just got my first MJ a 89 Comanche pioneer 2x2 inline 6 4.0. I have pictures of it on my cell phone. but can't get them on my PC yet lol. I'm a rookie to these trucks i looking forward to reading everything y'all have to say and maybe get some advice on my MJ because i think I'm going to need it.


I'm a computer tech for a living.

I'm married with 3 kids.

I live In north west Tennessee


only paid 500 bucks for it off creigslist


specs on truck

4.0 L (242 CID) AMC 242 I6

Wheelbase 119.6 in (3038 mm)

Length 194.0 in (4928 mm)

Width 71.7 in (1821 mm)

Height 64.7 in (1643 mm)




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