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How is the shaft still in there? How long till it comes out?

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88 commie d35 right rear axle shaft

Over an inch of it sliding/grinding in n out.(only noticed cause all brake hardware off and was balancing the tires) I yanked on it(backing plate where the four bolts go) as hard as i could. it won't come out. Its an 88 axle so it doesnt have c-clips and is semi-floating. Hence i believe the bearing is holding it in. As the title says, How is the shaft still there and how long till it comes out? I been hearing the noise for awhile now and since the pinion bearing is bad i couldnt isolate the other noise to know to look at the shaft. Jeeps break, but they also take a beatin :)

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The rear bearing heatd up enough last night and let the shaft go. :mad: Atleast i was doing five to ten mph. Got out my high lift, jacked it up, put the shaft back in and waited for the flatbed. She is now back in front of the garage and i now depseratley need a rear axle assembly. This one is shot and now worth putting the dinero into to never have it be rite.

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