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Gas tank removal in NC

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Well, it looks like I hav a leaking tank. Had more than 3/4 when I brought it home, but now only less tahn 1/4. I can see where it's leaking onto the concrete, and .oh well it's not good.

My ? is:

1.can I go to a tank refurbishing place(similar to radiator shop)? or

Maybe just go to a Jyard (prices?)

2.Are there different sizes of tanks? My eliminator is a 4.0, 5spd, shortbed.

3.Guess I should replace the filter and sending unit also??

4.Any tips before I start??

5. Anyone have a replacement near Charlotte??




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Just went through this, so here's my .02 worth. The old tank looked brand new and shiny on the outside where it leaked, so it must have rusted from the inside, but I couldn't see any rust, strange. I could get one on the internet for about a $100. I figured any repair would cost most of that and it could do it again in another place. I wanted to do this only once. Definately didn't want to use a used one. Also, I wanted it done quickly so I ordered a tank from Advance($199 w/my Firefighter discount) and got it done the next day. The tank came with the o-ring, and I used the old pump. Shortbed uses a different tank than the long. The only problem I had was one of the nutserts broke loose for the skidplate holding bolts, and caused me a little grief. But other than that pretty straight forward. Of course the 3" lift made it the perfect height to not need to raise the truck. Good luck!

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Be careful not to break the 'bolts' on the brackets, and also not to bend the holes the 'bolt' end fits into. If it is rusted like mine was, it might be best to get brackets and bolts along with a tank, and then cut the bolts off yours so that you don't risk bending or breaking the holes. Also helps to run the tank nearly dry.

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Just this past year I did two MJ's, it is really not too bad. The tank is availably from your local parts shop or online. Get new starps with it, they were cheap. The bigger issue was the fuel pump. I reused the old one on one of the MJ's, a new o-ring came with the tank. The other MJ, I had to ge a new fuel pump for and kept getting the wrong one. I finally had to modify it to fit. Be careful of the hanger bolts but, just replace the straps(cut them off, slide the bolts out and break them free at the vice). I had a huge issue with the factory skid plate bolts. The captured nuts in the bed rail broke free and it took me all day to remove the 6 bolts that held the skid plate on. If your not in the rust belt area, should not take too long. Be careful of the fire risk-use caution where needed.

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