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Worlds astest Comanche On Rusty's off road

Worlds Fastest Comanche

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I personally would be distraught to be associated with Rusty's...


Just curious, and maybe I shouldn't be asking here, but care to elaborate?

a few people had issues with rusty's springs and track-bars like 5 years ago and i think some also had customer service issues (also ancient history) but in my 3-4 years of dealing with them i have always received a quality product VERY quickly, (granted i live one state over) but normally if i order before 2pm i will get the product next day or the day after.


the spring manufacturing has changed hands and no-more problems, also the track-bars are fixed. so i would have to say to give them another shot. :cheers:\


congrats on the front-page news !!!

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i ordered parts from rustys when i came back from iraq last year. UPS wouldnt deliver them because i live on a dirt road. i waited about 2 weeks after being home and called them and said hey wheres my $#!&? they said it was returned undeliverable. i was like great i have to go to NC in 2 weeks can you send them expedited using FEDEX they're like we don't use fedex sorry. i said ok well just credit the money back on my card. they don't credit your card either they give a store credit. so basically they still owe me 270$ i think it is. they're just rediculous we don't use fedex why is it you don't i mean wth?

and no refund on my credit card I'm not even sure that legal lol. i'll never order anything from them again.i had nothing but $#!&ty experience with them

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