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Cutting out body parts

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I found a truck in a yard that has a excellent bed but has been it hard in front of the rear wheel. This thing has NO rust orig paint perfect cab corners rockers and wheel openings. He said for under $100.00 I can cut off what I need. If I buy a 18V dewalt cordless sawzall will I be able to cut all this off? I also thought of bumming a generator and using corded power tools. I hate to see this get crushed infact he said he would wait till I was done. I have never done anything like this.

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Bum the generator and use corded power tools...The cordless will not have enough juice to get it all done.

Not so. Or maybe it just depends on the tool. I have used a cordless DeWalt for over 45 minutes and it was still going strong. You can, or at least I can, completely dismember a XJ in less than 15 minutes. 5 minutes if I'm not saving anything. I agree with Eagle. Just get the whole bed. If this is not possible get the cordless saw. Get the shortest blade you can. Jim

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