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Seat Swap Questions ...... XJ, MJ buckets related

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Seat swapping questions. I have been looking all over NAXJA, CherokeeTalk, and this forum for the answer, so I'll ask the question.


I have a 92 XJ with a busted up from seat cushion, sliders work perfect, but the cushion is smoked. I would like to replace the seat, but keep my manual sliding brackets. I found an older XJ wagoneer "1987" that has tan matching super comfy seats. The only issue is they are power, can I just unbolt the cushions and backs and bolt them up to my current brackets?


I want to use these seats from an XJ with Power on my Non-Power XJ brackets.


here's a pic for year reference.


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How much do they want for the power seats?


I would flip the seats upside down and see how they "bolt" to the seat frame. If your old seat and the "new" seat have the same attachment points - I would give it a try - depending on the price of the power seats. If this is a Pick a Part yard, you should have no problem doing this before you decide to buy.


Take a look at this thread for some very good pictures that may help:




Let us know what you discover. I would bet you can do this.

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If these are for your MJ the seats may work but not the XJ sliders you will either need MJ bucket seat bases for sliders or use the MJ bench seat brackets adapted to your XJ seats. Some seats sit higher in the MJ like the ones with the rocking chair type bottoms. Some seats will have rivets holding the bases on also they have to be ground off and bolts put in when you swap the bases. I use true MJ bucket bases and 91 XJ 2 door buckets (2 door seats tilt forward for access behind the seat) and all were bolted on so I had them in the truck in less than I hour. I am not a expert though so maybe someone on here can add some more info.

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