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Any body use these Bumpers?

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After complaints from the only people they were making the rear bumper for, they discontinued it. And magically, for some reason, the sliders disappeared at the same time...


Hmm. :hmm:


Personally, I would have just left well enough alone, and been happy that someone was making stuff for us. But now... We are on our own again.

Rob L. :(

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To the OP (I know you know the story Rob ;) )


Someone complained publicly (here) that the receiver tube used on their rear bumpers was too thin, and had gave a sloppy fit to whatever hitch you slid inside it.


Seemed like a legitimate complaint to me, but it escalated.

It's entirely possible that a feeling or two may have been somewhat injured,

since next thing you know,

no more Comanche bumpers, or sliders from them.


I was actually amazed at the grown up, adult way it was handled by the posters here.

I've seen smaller issues turned into full blown personal battles on boards. :cheers:


All that said, I never really understood why the thinner receiver tubes were being used, :hmm:

but it's a non issue for MJ owners either way now.

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