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ever since i had my truck the light has been on and the rear brakes are so weak you can't lock them up in ice.i took the proportioning valve apart and found the piston inside was seized so i fixed that and now the lights off and works properly but the brakes are the same.also twice i would try to move my truck and it would lock up like something was in a bind.found out the shoe was catching on the drum so i backed that side off a tad and it hasnt locked up since.also the leveling agent on the back had no rod so i made another one with threaded rod and 2 throttle ball joints.its a tad up but pretty much level.are comanches just like this(weak breaks), or could it be the leveling mechinism or some thing else.

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the brakes are definitely not stellar ever, but the proportioning valve is known to cause problems, it can be removed and the front distribution block swapped with one from a cherokee that contains a proportioning valve.


other brake upgrades are a 95-96 cherokee master cylinder/booster (or a wj booster but idk anything about that swap) and disc brake rears can be swapped off a ford 8.8 (explorer rear axle) for about 2-300$ and some labor.

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As the previous post stated, there are a few options for the brake system.


The height sensing valve was designed to reduce how much the brakes are applied when the truck is used without a load/weight in the bed to help prevent lock up. The link you made is a big factor in the setup. How that rod holds the valve determines how much brake fluid pressure reaches the rear brakes. If set wrong you could get too much (lockup) or no pressure to the rear brakes.

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