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Factory Radio Help Needed

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I plan to replace my rear speakers with something that is capable of reproducing music.


I really don't want to replace my factory radio because to an old guy such as myself, the ones made today look like Dart Vadar's pacemaker and they don't really match a 25 year old truck.


Assuming I replace the speakers with something better, has anyone installed an external amp to a factory radio with good results?


Is there a difference between a 1987 wiring harness and a 1988 wiring harness for the radio?

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to install an amp to a factory radio you need a line output converter. it takes the signals off the rear speakers and gives you RCA outputs that you can run to the amp. I have not done it to my vehicles but I have done it to quite a few others. the sound is OK the only thing is that you lack any control over the signal other then fade and balance from the radio.

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There are amplifiers that can take speaker line in,

tho the ones I've seen/had were usually the off brand, questionable quality type.


A line converter + a quality amp is best

(unless you want to send the stock radio out to be modded for RCA outs, I'm sure it's $$$)


but just throwing it out there, depending on how high quality of sound you are looking for that there could be a simpler (tho maybe crappier) option.



The other thing is some factory stereo's came with factory inline Amps (our 96' ZJ did).

Tho I do not know if any of the single DIN radio's, like stock Comanche's ever had factory amps attached.

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If you listen to radio stations I have a tip I've been meaning to make a writeup on hosting get better reception, but for now in the passenger kick panel there's the connection to the antenna that has a spring in it, remove the spring and connect the wires back together and tape them so they don't come loose

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