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Anyone want a Comanche Bed Trailer?


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I'm going to end up with an extra comanche bed (I founded a better one than mine) .......... I may peice together another homemade trailer, bed, tailgate, lights, bed box, trailer axle, etc. and sell it as a whole .... Anyone interested? (other wise the bed may get scrapped) I live on a farm, so space is not a problem. I just don't want to hang on to the bed as it will sit an look like trash, if its mounted on a frame, then it appears functional.


Could I get $600-$800 for something like mine?


It will be similar to this one, but stock steel wheels, not as aggressive looking.




The bed I will be making the trailer out of looks like this ...



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Bel Air?


Brings back memories. I was stationed at Edgeweed Arsenal a long time ago. Found a 1947 (or '46?) Hudson pickup truck at a gas station right outside of the post, on U.S. 40, bought it, and towed it home to Connecticut. Then I swapped it to a buddy (in Bel Air) for a 1954 Hudson coupe, so it went back to Bel Air. A few years later, we did another swap and the pickup came back to Connecticut.

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Mitsubishi Mighty Max or Dodge Ram 50 stock bumper ........ Also if you google "action crash step bumper" you can get some more info.


Its really beefy and heavy, its got the 1 1/4 hitch which could probably tow quite a bit.


is it a direct bolt on for the jeep or is a lot of fabrication needed to make it fit?



as far as the trailer, i'd love one. the price would be a little high for me but iit would be nice. you're way to far for me to concider it though. around here, even well built pick up box trailers don't go over $400 and are usually arounf 250-300.


i'd make one if i could find a bed around here. i'd modify the frame though to make it more like a trailer coming forward of the bed to the tow vehicle. i don't really like the frame forward than a hitch welded on. just my preference.

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Yea I was figuring $300-$500 range with no trailer axle, just the stock axle. Id bump the price up a little with the addition of a nice 5x4.5 3500 lb. trailer specific axle which would lighten it up significantly, and some Jeep or black Cragar type wheels.


I'm not a super fabricator, Its just a basic utility, nothing fancy type farm trailer.


The frame is actually a Mighty Max frame, which fits the bed perfectly. I went with the Mighty Max because the bed box mounts right in front of the bed with the trans mission studs ......


Same width frame as the Comanche, all the stuff fits nicely. Trailer axles fit nicely and I can get them cheap with 5x4.5 bolt pattern.


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