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it gets hot, but then again not

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So you see, I have this problem.


My engine warms up fine, the temp gauge reads just over halfway between the 100 degree mark and the 210 degree mark.


My defroster puts out kinda halfway warm air.


Every other setting (heat, bi-level, and vent) the damn thing is blowing cold. :ack:


So far this winter I have just been running the defroster for the little heat I get from it and dealing with it. Something about not really wanting to start tearing into the problem until the world thaws back out. Then a friend of mine heard I had no heat and is willling to let me use his garage to check it out. :wrench:


Any thoughts on where I should begin checking? I will only have a few hours in the warm at any one time before I have to put it back on the street, possibly for the rest of winter. What would be the best way to spend my time?


My original thoughts were to ignore it till spring when I plan to convert from closed to open cooling anyhow, but if I can get it to be a bit warmer for the time being it would be nice. :yes:

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I would start by checking that the vacuum operated flappers are all flapping on command. If they aren't in synch, they can be allowing outdoor air to bypass the heater core.


Another possibility (which is somewhat contrary to having some heat in "Defrost" but no heat in other positions) is that the heater core may be clogged.

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