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Wrangler 4 cyl motor in MJ?

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Maybe this question is obvios for some of you but I need to ask, will a wrangler 4 cyl motor fit my MJ 4 cyl? what would I need to modify? The reason is my motor is not in the best shape and I am getting an offer on a decent 4 cyl motor from a wrangle I think is a wrangler 94 motor also 4 cyl so please confirm if it will be a direct fit or requires any modification or if its convenient or not.


Thank you. :wrench:

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what eagle said.



but...if you have a '91 or '92 mj, the injection system is the same.



if you have an '86-90, you will need to swap over your manifolds.



the 4 cyl block, head, crank, cam, and timing chain set are all the same. the ports are all the same.



but to install it, you need to put your comanche oil pan and oil pump on it so that you have proper clearance on the front axle.

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If you are anywhere near San Diego, I have gotten a couple things from this guy who had a tree fall onto his MJ. He is parting everything. I spoke to him a few days ago and he will probably throw in the AX4 or AX5 at no charge.

He gave me permission to give his cell# 858-232-3959.

His name is Jon. Tell him Mark sent you.

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You might want to look at the oil pan and cross-over pipe. I ordered a new 2.5 long block for my 88 Comanche and it came with the wrong oil pan. On my 88 Comanche the cross-over pipe goes between the oil pan and the bell housing, the pan sump is moved forward about 4". I had to change the pan and the oil sump from my old engine.

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