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Leaf spring bushing sizes and shackle bushing size??? help

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HI Guys,


I need your help, I need to know what are the measurements from the Leafs prings rear and front bushings, and also from the shackle, because I need to replacement but in my town the don't sell any replacement kits and I havent been able to find the replacement in any auto parts shop, what I have found is a repair shop that has polyurethane bushing of several sizes and I am going to buy them there but I need to know the measurements please help.


I would also like to introduce my MJ I have been around here for some time but I have never posted pics of my MJ, I have learned some things from your webside, you have helped me in the past with some doubts I had.


This is my MJ:


Its not that modified since its my daily driver and I am still studying.


Since I got it I have changed the shocks, put in front 3/4" coil spacers, changed Sway bar to V8 ZJ SB, changed bushing for SB, Track bar, rear shocks, and thats pretty much it, when I got it, it wasnt in the best shape but I am fixing little by little, I first want to fix suspension thats why I am asking about the Leafs spring bushing.


Please help.


Thank you. :wrench:

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Nice looking truck! I sure like that rear bumper.


BTW, I have a full set of new OEM leaf spring

bushings. I was going to replace mine, but

ended up ordering a set of 2200# springs from

Hell Creek Suspensions and they come with the

bushings already installed. If you're interested,

contact me offline.

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Thank you for your comments but basically I am in Mexico and I don't cross that ofthen to the US, thast why I would like to know the measurements of the bushings, does anyone have them? so I can order them on my local store.


And my rear bumber was a TJ Bumber but I just added the laminated aluminum plate and fabricated the base to put it on my MJ, later I will put a poste on how I have done some upgrades on my MJ you can see it more clear and you can doplicate it.ç


Please help with the measurements of the leaf springs.


Thanks :hmm:

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Thank you for your reply Tom,


I have a couple of questions more if it isnt to much to ask.


Do you know the measurement of the bushing that goes within the shackle?


And if I am going to use Poly bushings do I need to remove the sleeve from the OEM rubber bushing? or just burn the old rubber and clean the inside of the sleeve and put the poly bushing in the sleeve?


Thank you for shearing your knowledge :thumbsup:

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I just measured the ones on my truck, and they look like they are 1-1/2" OD. The O.A.L and the I.D. are the same as the 1-3/4" spring bushing. That would make the shackle bushing the same as the ones on a Chevy.


If you are going with poly or even a new RB bushing (OEM), you will need to get all of the old bushing out, including the steel outer sleeve.



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