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need help-91 eliminator 2wd rearend

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I blew my rear end and don't know the size i need. I've been looking and calling everywhere they say there's 6 different types and I don't know which one I need or if I could use one from a different make and model that would work. I have a 91 comanche eliminator 2wd. Anyone know the answer??

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SIX types?


Dana 35, Dana 44, or Chrysler 8-1/4 (did the 8-1/4 ever come in the late MJs?). That's it. Unless they count each axle ratio as a "type.


An eliminator has to be a 4.0L. If it's a 5-speed your axle ratio is 3.07, if it's an automatic you have 3.55 gears. But 3.07s are a pig, and since you have 2WD this would be a perfect opportunity to change to 3.55s. Which will be easier to find since there are probably more automatics out there than 5-speeds.

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