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Advice on the bed...

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I've got a '92 MJ with the Metric ton package, it's got over 220k miles on it, gotta love that straight 6... it's HO of course. The damn thing still runs good to my amazement, always conks out on the 1st start, but turns over just fine on the 2nd start and keeps on going.


ANYWAYS, my issue is that the bed is just tore up, the top rails look a bit off with some nice dents, looks like the guy who owned it before me either go hit in the passenger side rear or backed into something.


from inside the bed you can see the frame cross members, seems like heavy stuff was just toss into the bed over the years, I only had a shot from the underside when I was showing off the D40 teehee ;)


here's a pic i had showing the dent from either backing into something or someone bumping the prior owner.


You can see the outlines of the frame below the sheet metal, wish i had a pic of that before I left. I need to know how difficult it would be to either scrap the entire bed and salvage another one, or drop it into a body shop and let them work their magic, maybe make it a flat bed... I know I don't have the knowhow or skill to do it myself, but I don't have anywhere near the resources I did when I was in Colorado, since all my 4 wheelin' friends are still back there and they were my reliable sources for fixes and education on Jeeps.


I'm now living in Jacksonville FL, so if anyone is nearby and knows the lay of the land for resources, salvage yards, offroading clubs/groups, I'll take any ifo you can dish out, since I love camping and offroading and want to get my MJ built up so I can do it all over again :D


I'll toss in a thread for what I've done to it so far, get those who give a darn see my plight ;)

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Welcome :cheers: I am over in the Tampa area, so we need to get a southern pow-wow going with rdp001 and Cabz. I would try LKQ for a replacement bed. They have pick-n-pulls all over the state. The LKQ in Clearwater has 2 MJ's in the yard now, and a third getting ready to be brought out. Here is a another thread on the topic;



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wow, great info, Thanks for the link on the prior post, I must have missed it ;) I'm actually flying back to Colorado in January to either drive or tow my MJ back so I can get back to work on it. Still debating whether my MJ at 220k miles on it, if I should drive or tow it.. hmmm.. :D Look forward to making more posts and learning as I go.

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haha, already fixed the rear breaks... minutes after I looked at the pic, I went out and fixed it :) quick & easy, but that was back last April.


Yay no rust, that was one of the things that cinched the purchase for me... that and the D40 and the fact that it only cost me $990 for the truck. It was win win for me, I was so happy with my buy


I'll make a few posts with the work I've done on it in the projects section.

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You should just drive that thing up here and let me put a VORTEX brand spray on liner inside of the bed.


We could clean it all up, POR15 the rusty spots, rattle can primmer the others, and spray down an extra thick polyurethane liner over it all. It would make it look very very good.


As for the dent in the rear quarter panel..... just clean the truck up real good and forget about it. It is not like it is a GEM anyhow.



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true true, probably what I ought to do :D


I'm flying back to Colorado in the next few weeks, debating whether to risk driving it back or just trailer it with a UHaul. Hmm, decisions, decisions.


Denver, CO to Jacksonville, FL I hated the drive in my car, I can only imagine the horrors of taking a UHaul or the MJ hahaha


Dang you're way up in PA, I better find a place locally to help on doing the bed up like you mentioned. I'm so tempted to yank the long bed, pick a shortbed from a yard and just chop off the extra frame hehehe, I'm probably just babbling crazy talk huh?

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