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gauge cluster II

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there is a bad connection with the fuel gauge that will make it peg out. the Tach should work probably a bad connection there too. When i swaped my cluster for gauges everything worked except for the oil preasure gauge that i havent got around to fixing yet.


you might check the sending unit... they are in a prime position (on the 4.0) to get whacked and stuff while changing oil filters. and they tend to fail anyways. i know i knocked my moms completely loose last time i changed her oil.

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The fuel gauge should work properly when swapping gauges for idiot lights. However, both the temperature sender and the oil pressure sender have to be replaced. The ones for the idiot light cluster are not sensors, they are simple on-off switches. The ones for the gauges are variable resistors.


The tach should also work with no modifications or external connections.

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