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New electric problem

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Has anyone had the heater draw excessive juice? watch my guage needle drop close to red when i switch on heater, then there are times also when it doesn't blow heat as it should. Any suggestions? Checked alt, it's puttin out as it should. As soon as you turn heater off, guage returns to normal.

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my blower motor drops the voltage gauge by 2 volts the instant you turn it on. Doesn't matter what setting it's on.

The factory volt meter is unreliable and inaccurate. Just know what it normally runs at, and it it changes get out your voltmeter and check the voltage in the engine compartment.

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my voltmeter used to never get above 9... but i never had problems... hten one day it decided to go back to normal at 14 and has stayed straight up and down (besides the usual drops with all the stuff on, and when in run mode with engine off it reads 12 (dead on))


my heater doesnt drop the volts at all i don't think... maybe like 1/4 of a volt?

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