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What are you trying to do with it? "DON'T GET IT ON YOUR HANDS" or anywhere you don't want it, it will not come off "period" trust me, one other thing it you're not using it for undercoat you'll have to use the UV overcoat, it'll change collors

lastly after 12hrs of dry time it'll require a sidearm to remove so be sure its the way you want it

anymore questions just ask, i use it all the time, hard to beat

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i didnt go to bare metal. just a quick clean with acetone inside the cab and just with soap and water around the rockers which already had bedliner on them. the only part thats NOW starting to peel is where the front wheels throw mud and other crap right on my truck (no fender flares). the rest is fading to grey since i didnt cover it up with a bedliner or what have you but for fifty bucks you can't go wrong with the stuff.


and yes don't get it on you. my hands and arms had black patches all over them and it didnt come off for like two weeks or so.

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