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Overcooling, Underheating

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Alright my Jeep has been not warming up right in over 8 months. This problem started after it began overheating back in April. I changed the thermostat out and it began this stupid "I'm not going to warm up and run like crap." Since then I have replaced thermostat 4 times with different brands and I know to use a 195 degree or the Renix system will run rich. I've flushed it twice. Thermal fan is good. E-fan is good. Burped it properly. Top radiator hose is barely warm. The heater blows lukewarm air. It is starting to get cold for around here and I need some heat. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad its not overheating but it is still a problem. I want to fix in right, not put a piece of cardboard in it. Its not that cold, the truck should run correctly. If you have some idea please let me know. I have searched here, Naxja, and a few others. I even googled it with no avail. Thanks for any help.

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My first thought was that you must have used a "failsafe" piece of crap garbage thermostat (they will be stuck open to never close again if they ever hit 200-210 degrees). But then I read you tried four different thermostats of different brands. I'm stumped.

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