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The KJ visits the beach:

Sir Sam

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yea holy man thats what I was thinkin :rotf:


nice photos, where did ya go?


South padre, I was in the valley to visit family.


Here are some others from the way down:

Been itching to try out my new camera in a low light pollution area, finally got the chance down in southern new mexico.



Here the band you can see running left to right is the milky-way, the other light in the lower left is light pollution.



Lots of light pollution along the horizon, you just can't get away from it it seems. Also note the seven sisters in the upper right quadrant.





Next up, carlsbad caverns.

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nice pics,

checked out your website,

question for the alaska trip, how come no pics of canada? you gotta go through it to get to there,

went thru like 100 pages XD


Fair number of the pictures are from Canada, just mostly indistinguishable from Alaska.

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