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Just got a title to a 91 4.0 5-speed 2WD MJ short bed. Rubber floor mat and cloth seat.


Things I checked before buying (per this forums sage advice):


Rockers - solid

Cab corners - solid

Floors - solid

Bed above flares - solid

Front Fenders above flares - solid

Bed - solid no holes and rhinolined


4.0 started in less than a full crank (obviously). Clutch felt nice and smooth. Brakes are new. Have title but picking it up on Friday (won't be able to sleep until then).


So, first order is to haul some trash and debris with it. Then I'm thinking of having it repainted in 2000 WJ Patriot Blue :USAflag:


Next order of business...? What do you guys think it should be? It has ZJ Canyon Cast wheels on it so I'm thinking maybe a BB and some bigger treads...maybe just some bigger treads on stock suspension (makes it easier to load).


Thanks for having me and I look forward to adding to the forum. :brows:

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1st off let me say welcome to the club :wavey: 2nd is what are you going to use the truck for? DD, will you do any off roading? This will help. also :needpics: and 31" tires will look great and work great to with out much if any moding



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