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Thumping noise when turning to the right

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Hey guys --


First of all, thank you to the folks who helped me figure out how to remove my door's interior panel a couple weeks ago. I was able to fix the window crank and replace my side mirror. Awesome! :)


The reason I'm posting today is because my Comanche seems to make a strange wobbly/thumping noise in the area in front of the passenger seat (somewhere behind the glove box) when I turn the wheel sharply to the right. At first I thought the noise was coming from the fan for the ventilation system. It sounds like the noise could be a wobbly fan blade or something like that. The noise comes and goes.


My mechanic says that it's probably the throwout bearing for the transmission (?). He says when I replace the clutch, that sound will go away. But the thing is -- the sound doesn't occur when I apply the clutch to change gears. Nope. The noise seems to happen when I take a slow right turn -- either a right at a stop sign or a right into a parking spot.


If the wobbly/thumping noise is the throwout bearing, what would you expect to pay to install a new clutch kit? The mechanic is AAA and Better Business Bureau approved. I'm sure he's honest. But, I don't know how affordable he is. He says the transmission work will be about $925. Is that competitive or should I shop around?


Also, it's worth noting that my steering wheel seems off by about 15 degrees counter-clockwise. What I mean is that I have to have the steering wheel turned about an eighth of a turn to the left to drive the truck straight. My truck's alignment seems fine. The truck will cruise along nice and straight with the steering wheel turned a little to the left. I think my mechanic said something about replacing the track bar for this. I just wonder if the steering wheel misalignment and the turning noise might be related.


Lastly, I came across the posting below. Same problem?




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Just a couple of thoughts here. Check your passenger side control arm bushings. Also look at your passenger side unit bearing and u-joint(Your not inadvertently driving in 4wd are you?) Doesn't really sound like a clutch based on your description.


Centering the steering wheel is accomplished by adjusting the drag link. The alignment can be fine but the wheel off centered if the drag link is not adjusted correctly. Easy to fix.


Offset steering wheel....track bar.....Might want to find another mechanic.

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