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Fixing a flat tire video

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ive seen tons of those videos but only once in real life. I'm not going to be doing it anytime time soon though :shake:



and is there really another CC brother in Memphis? i don't believe it lol


That would be a sister and yes, there's at least two of us now.

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The video's gone.


But if it's what I think it is, it doesn't work. Mythbusters proved it wrong and it makes sense why.


Yes, you can re-seat the tire with this method, but it doesn't stay inflated. The gas compresses so much when it cools down that it goes right back to flat.

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what method is it? with starting fluid? if so i have done this on lo of tirest to seat them, doesnt blow them up, but its will seat a bead just fine then can use air to finish it

Yep. It's a little (??) dangerous, but it is a way of forcing a bead to re-seat if you lose a bead when wheeling at low pressures. If you actually have a flat (a puncture -- a hole in your tire that loses air) this won't do anything for you.

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